Should you use a microfiber cloth to clean your computer screen?

Cleaning your computer screen may seem like a fairly simple task. Unfortunately, damage can easily be done to your screen if you don’t take the appropriate measures. Microfiber cloths are thought to be the best tool, but are there other materials that are just as effective?

Although purchasing a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution might be the safest bet for cleaning your computer, phone or eReader screen, many people use old t-shirts without creating any damage. This can be a fast and easy way to clean your computer screen that doesn’t require purchasing a microfiber towel.

Homemade cleaning solution
You can also make your own safe screen cleaning solution with everyday household items. You simply need: 

  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • ½ cup of distilled water
  • a squirt bottle

Cleaning your screen
Just spray a 100% cotton t-shirt with the cleaning solution just until the t-shirt is damp and wipe the screen in a circular motion. Wipe the screen with a dry portion of the t-shirt for a streak-free finish.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your screen, microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions are relatively inexpensive, and readily available for purchase at electronic stores. However, the t-shirt method is a terrific, simple option that can certainly help you out in a pinch.


Author: Tropolis Group

We are an industry leading IT services company specializing in managed IT services and tech support for small and medium sized businesses. Our proactive approach to IT services is proven to provide faster response times, to provide exceptional service and to minimize technical issues, all at a lower cost. We combine the latest tools and technology with industry leading best practices and a dedicated team of experienced tech support engineers to manage and support your network and its’ users regardless of their physical location.

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