Recognize Best-of-Breed to Maintain the Competitive Edge

By Bob Herman
IT Tropolis

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – In today’s world of endless competing products and services, recognizing best-of-breed has never been more important. Save time, headaches and that stressful feeling of, “am I missing something,” by adopting the best of breed solution in a particular space, then not second guessing yourself.

Many companies are built from the ground up to provide solutions and services in a core competency. However, the constant Wall Street pressure to grow revenues and profits often forces these companies into perhaps related but mostly unfamiliar waters.  As a result, we’re constantly prospected by numerous “big boys” to switch to their product or solution.

For example, consider search engines and email/document services. Google is the best-of-breed solution in the search engine space. Microsoft: please stop trying to get me to switch to Bing! When it comes to email & document services, Microsoft’s Exchange server, Office software and related Office 365 online service runs circles around Gmail and Google Docs. Google: please stop trying to compete with Microsoft in this space!

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t foster competition. That’s the American way! However, I am saying that the constant battling between these already large and successful enterprises causes unnecessary headaches for their customers.  The browser wars will continue so I only ask: please don’t break each other’s systems.

In short, recognize best-of-breed, go with it, and don’t second guess yourself.


Author: Tropolis Group

We are an industry leading IT services company specializing in managed IT services and tech support for small and medium sized businesses. Our proactive approach to IT services is proven to provide faster response times, to provide exceptional service and to minimize technical issues, all at a lower cost. We combine the latest tools and technology with industry leading best practices and a dedicated team of experienced tech support engineers to manage and support your network and its’ users regardless of their physical location.

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