Tips On Organizing Your Inbox

By Bob Herman IT Tropolis FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA -To organize your Inbox, use a similar concept as paper.  First ask yourself: Do I really need to keep this email, or can I throw it away/delete it?  Next ask yourself: Does it require action or am I keeping it only for historical/future reference?  If keeping only for future reference, immediately move/file the email into a sub-folder (Customers > Customer A, Propects > Prospect A, Vendors > Vendor A).  If email requires action, should you delegate; if so, delegate immediately and delete/or file email to a sub-folder.  The only remaining items will be emails that require action by yourself.  Now roll-up your sleeves and apply some elbow grease!  Once action is complete, delete or file email into a sub-folder.


Author: Tropolis Group

We are an industry leading IT services company specializing in managed IT services and tech support for small and medium sized businesses. Our proactive approach to IT services is proven to provide faster response times, to provide exceptional service and to minimize technical issues, all at a lower cost. We combine the latest tools and technology with industry leading best practices and a dedicated team of experienced tech support engineers to manage and support your network and its’ users regardless of their physical location.

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